Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Asus Eee PC (ePC) 1000H Netbook for Windows XP



Asus Eee PC (ePC) 1000H Notebook Drivers for Windows XP
Download Driver Asus Eee PC (ePC)1000H Netbook for Windows XP
Description Driver Download
Chipset Driver Version V8.3.1.1011Chipset Download
Sound Card Audio Driver Version V5.10.0.5645Audio Download
Intel Graphics Card Driver Version V6.14.10.4906VGADownload
Local Area Network Driver Version V1.0.0.21LANDownload
Azurewave Wireless Lan Driver Version V1.2.0.0WifiDownload
BlueTooth driver Version V5.1.0.5500BlueToothDownload
Advanced Configuration and Power Interface Driver Version V1.0.0.0 PowerDownload
Touchpad-Pointing Device driver Version V7.0.2.5TouchpadDownload
Utilities Asus Eee PC (ePC) 1000H Netbook
Description Utility Download
When installed with Windows XP Professional Edition OS, screen display will blur when connecting an external projector or the display will blink when exchange programs, please execute this program to fix this problem VGAPVGAPDownload
Eee Storage Utility Version V1.1.15.197StorageDownload
ECap utility Version V1.014ECap utility Download
ECap Uninstall Utility Version V0.1Uninstall Utility Download
SPLENDID Utility Version V1.0SPLENDIDDownload
Office Sun Star Suite Utility Version V8.0.0.9251 Star Suite Download
Inter Video DVD XPack Utility Version V5.00.11.1245Video DVD Download
AiGuru U1 Utility Quick Installment Version V1.2-5PQuick InstallmentDownload
Super Hybrid Engine Utility Version V1.03Hybrid EngineDownload
Dr.Eye Utility Version V7.0.2005.0Dr.EyeDownload
ASUS Instant Key Utility Version V1.08Instant Key Download
ASUS Update Utility Version V1.01.08UpdateDownload
Skype Utility Version V3.6.0.248SkypeDownload
Adobe Reader Utility Version V8.1.0PDFDownload
Anti-Virus software Version V3.0.658.0Anti-VirusDownload

Warning: Beware of updating or flashing bios as your notebook will not boot up if any mistake occurs during flashing process
Optional Driver Asus Eee PC (ePC) 1000H Netbook
Manufacturer and Description Driver Download
Asus BIOS Setup Version 1206BIOSDownload
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