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Lenovo ThinkPad R40-R40e Notebook for Windows XP



Lenovo ThinkPad R40-R40e Notebook Drivers for Windows XP
Download Driver Lenovo ThinkPad R40-R40e Notebook for Windows XP
Description Driver Download
Sound Card Audio Driver v5.12.01.5410 for Thinkpad R40Audio Download
Sound Card Audio Driver v5.12.01.3691 for Thinkpad R40eAudio Download
Sonic Drag2Disc-Drive letter access-DLA v9.05DLA Download
RecordNow Driver v7.32.1 build 08eRecordNowDownload
Bluetooth II adapter v1.4.3.4BluetoothDownload
Lucent Technologies Soft Modem AMR v2.1.31cModem Download
Diagnostics PC Doctor v5.00.4329.01DiagnosticsDownload
Mouse/TrackPoint TrackPoint only systems v3.55TouchpadDownload
TrackPoint with UltraNav Touchpad systems v11.1.21.2 TouchpadDownload
UltraNav Wizard v3.05.00UltraNav Wizard Download
TrackPoint and UltraNav Accessibility Features v1.11UltraNav AccessibilityDownload
Lenovo Hard Drive Quick Test v03Hard Drive Download
Bootable Diagnostic Media Creator for Lenovo Hard Drive Quick TestHard DriveDownload
Multimedia InterVideo WinDVD player update v4.0-B11.280DVD playerDownload
Networking: Ethernet R40 Build 94590 Intel PRO/1000 LAN Adapter SoftwareEthernet LANDownload
Networking: Ethernet R40e v6.64 BroadCom LAN Adapter SoftwareEthernet LANDownload
Cisco Wireless LAN mini PCI driver v3.8.26.01WifiDownload
IBM High Rate Wireless LAN MiniPCI Adapter III v2.0.9.2228WifiDownload
Dual-Band 802.11ab and 802.11abg Wireless LAN Mini PCI adapter v4.1.2.156WifiDownload
Intel PRO/Wireless LAN 2100 3B Mini PCI Adapter v1.2.4.41WifiDownload
ACPI Power Management v1.60PowerDownload
Battery MaxiMiser and Power Management Features v1.38Battery MaxiMiserDownload
Intel SpeedStep Applet v3.10SpeedStepDownload
Think Vantage System Update v3.14.0024 System Update Download
Hotkey Features v1.31.0610KeyboardDownload
Keyboard Customizer Utility v1.3.53.0Keyboard CustomizerDownload
Video Graphics Card v8.
ATI chipset support software v5.0.2195.1004Chipset Download
LCD/Monitor v2.00Monitor Download
Intel Chipset v4.20.1009-To detect and configure the INTEL 845 chipset and 855 chipsetChipsetDownload

Warning: Beware of updating or flashing bios as your notebook will not boot up if any mistake occurs during flashing process
Optional Driver Lenovo ThinkPad R40-R40e Notebook
Manufacturer and Description Driver Download
IBM Lenovo BIOS Version: 1.27 for Thinkpad R40 Machine types: 2681-2682-2683-2896-2898-2899 BIOSDownload
IBM Lenovo BIOS Version: 1.33 for Thinkpad R40 Machine types:2722-2723-2724-2892-2893-2897 BIOSDownload
IBM Lenovo BIOS Version: 1.38 for Thinkpad R40e Machine types:2684-2685 BIOSDownload
BIOS Embedded Controller Program 1OHT42WW v1.14BIOSDownload
BIOS Embedded Controller Program 1SHT20WW v1.04BIOSDownload
BIOS Settings Capture/Playback Utility-SRCMOS v4.01BIOS Settings Download
Tutorial of Updating Bios on Lenovo
Description Link
Tutorial of Updating Bios on Lenovoforum.lenovo
Match and Download Bios Lenovo Notebook
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